Katana, Dubai Mall

Dubai, always good thing happens there.

I was in very short trip, with no purpose, just wanted a break and I ended up in Dubai Mall looking for Sushi restaurant. There were few, but I wanted premium Japanese cuisine, but unfortunately Katsuya was close and never reopened.

Its ok, I still can have a good time, I have my cigars and I don’t mind any food. I Went outside to the fountain looking for a good spot and cup of coffee, but then there was this new restaurant underneath the renovating Address, It call “Katana” and when I asked it was Japanese restaurant, they still under soft opening.

The food was great and fresh, I had snow crap, octopus, tuna sushi and maki rolls. Totally worth the bill as it wasn’t cheap.

The porch seating was great, nice view of Burj Khalifa, good music, the prefect weather and my cigars it was match made in heaven, I didn’t need to go anywhere.

ps, Fly Dubai can you make your seats any tighter?!? come on give us some space.

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