FORGET about birthday cards


Twitter can be a great source of crazy new things in the world, but this content is 16+.

Not to long ago i’ve seen an article about new Russian site that allows you to have message scrawled on a model’s breasts. I think no more birthday cards or sending a text for me.

For under $10 acutely $14.95, a woman or a man, whose nipples and face are never shown, you will be able to have your message written across her cleavage and send the pictures for your preferred email in 24 hours. launched in 2015 by Russian geeks and as you can imagine business has been booming because of its eye-catching advertising potential. (I won’t post the adv here so you better look it up)

And just in act of defending any accusations of sexism is donating two per cent of its proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

ps: I did one and it looks amazing 🙂 

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