IMAX Laser at VOX theater

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I’ve been going to Dubai a lot lately, mainly business trips and this time I went to check the new IMAX LASER system, its the first IMAX laser projectors installed in the region, and it’s been open since September 2015 at Mall of the Emirates.

And since I work in bigfarme industry, I made some calls and did some arrangements to see the projectors and how it work. VOX was very generous and accommodating for my request, I really want to thank them for their genuine hospitality.

We’ve taken a tour private tour to see the projector room, and asked a lot of questions which they answered gladly.

After a very informative Q&A with the projectionist we went back to the theater to watch Kings of Egypt 3D. Beside it’s good film and I don’t think it will be screened in Kuwait due to censorship. The film presentation in 3D is just amazing. Usually I hate 3D films because many of them aren’t meant to be in 3D and/or the projector’s system is so poor therefor there are a lot of ghosting in the picture.

IMAX laser system has prefect picture, not only I felt that, but also my two friends who were watching the film felt the same. They never liked 3D because they think it causes headache and usually its has shitty image, but they were very impressed with IMAX laser 3D.

So, from now on if I want to watch a 3D film I will only watch it in IMAX laser projectors. It’s really impressive system.

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