La Casa Del Habano Dubai

Casa Del Habano 18Seven

Last weekend i’ve been to Dubai, and since I was their went with the guys to La Casa Del Habano at JBR to smoke some cigars.

This ain’t my first time there, I’ve been there few months back and had cuban cigar and it was the usual.

This time I wanted something Nicaraguan and found that they only sell Cuban “Dah, its La Casa Del Habano, or cause they only sell Cuban”.

Anyway I picked Hoyo De Monterrey which is a very nice cigar, but not this one, it was blocked, can’t and won’t smoke, so I picked another cigar, I picked Trinidad, it was ok, but taste horrible.

We were 4 of us and everyone is smoking a different cigars, but none of us was satisfied with its, I’m not sure if their cigars gone bad or is it that we had a bad luck.

La Casa Del Habano, as a lounge and coffee shop is great, nice location and good coffee – sometimes – and very nice outside seating.

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