A Month of Netflix

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It’s been a little over a month since I start using Netflix and this is what I think…

For the small amount that they are charging for their services (which is $9.99 a month), I think I’m very satisfied if they’ve only show stand-up comedies specials.

However, to think to have Netflix as OSN replacement or rely on Netflix as a main source of TV entertainment, I think you can’t, their library is too small, at least for now.

I’ve watched films, series and comedy special. I think the poorest library is their film library followed by their series, there isn’t much series, and some of them are kinda old and still lagging in seasons. I think their best content is they comedy specials.

But there is more to Netflix other than its content. For example I like having full seasons ready to be watched, also there isn’t any breaks during an episode – the other day i was watching X Files on OSN and was; god how many breaks are there in an episode – and what I like most is their easy access and no-buffering streaming, you can access anytime anywhere and enjoy, unlike OSNPlay and

I have finished my free trial and renewed my subscription. I Like Netflix and I hope it get better.

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