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Maybe the worst thing that could happen to you in your travels is to reach your hotel and don’t find your booking.

I was just coming back from Nicaragua to Miami before I stay one night before heading back to Kuwait, I reach my hotel they said there is no booking for me, this is what happen to me in Miami

I had a booking with at Breakwater at Miami beach and for some reason they didn’t send my booking to the hotel. I contacted and they confirmed the case, and to make things worst the hotel were fully booked on a weekend, the whole area is almost fully booked. I was ohh I’m fucked.

But the great customer service of they looked and located another hotel just few blocks away from my hotel but it wasn’t’ as good as my original hotel and I had to pay more, but at least I had a place to sleep.

Things could had been worst if I haven’t find a hotel, but really customer service helped a lot.

Next time for sure I’m checking with the hotel before I travel. Thought to share with you my experience with

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