Kuwait Airways New Baggage Policy

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A friend of mine was going to book a trip on Kuwait Airways and was checking with me if they changed their baggage policy. I check and it was true Kuwait Airways have updated their website with below table, and just to double check that’s implemented, I call a friend who work there and he confirmed the new policy.

Kuwait Airways Baggage Policy Effective from 1st Feb 2016

Destination Class Baggage  Infant
USA First Class 2 (32kgs each) 1 (10kgs) not exceeding total dimensions 115 cms or 45 inch.
Business 2 (23kgs each)
Economy 2 (23kgs each)
Other First Class 2 (32kgs each)
Business 2 (23kgs each)
Economy 1 (23kgs each)


If the baggage exceeds the permissible limits in dimensions or weight allowance, then you have to check in an extra piece and therefore, subsequent charges of extra piece equivalent to KWD 35/- will apply.

So, if you are traveling with Kuwait Airways pack reasonably.

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