Casa Magna Domus Magnus II Limitada


I just got back from Nicaragua, from Cigar Festival and have lots of cigars to try, and I started with CASA Magna.

I smoked it after a very long day at the office, started it at the car as I went to do some chores.

It has good firm shape, unique and very well made deep rich tobacco, but I was hoping that it tasted the same as it looks.

Almost, all first half was too much too sweet to smoke, its heavy on an empty stomach. It took me about an hour to finish, acutely I was happy to smoke it till the end, I simply didn’t enjoy it very much. But got to say it has excellent draw and even burn with a tight whitish gray ash.

The Domus Magnus II line uses all Nicaraguan tobacco from the wrapper to the binder to the filler. Like most of Quesada’s Casa Magna line, this cigar is made at the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua.

  • Trajan: 5 1/2 x 60
  • Rate 1/5

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