Uber at Miami

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Entrepreneurs can come with great ideas, and I’m loving them. I love to travel, therefore I loved Airbnb and now I’m loving uber .. It not only a way to save money but its also great way to engage with people.

In my last trip to Miami I’ve used uber for the first time and it saved me a lot of taxi money, especially if you share a ride.

I had my doubts about it but it was so easy to use and that why I give it a try. You pin point your location and add a destination then select your preferred ride. You can choose normal car or luxury car or big car, you are in control. Once you do that, it tells you how much the ride will cost and you order your ride.

Your driver shows in the map, so you will know exactly where he/she is. After the delivery you can rate your ride.

Uber is available in 68 counties. To use Uber, you download the app to your smartphone, register and add you credit card because there are no cash involved. All is processed online. It’s amazing, just loving it.

On a-side-note  just saw on the news that 30 year old Drunk Doctor attacks Uber driver in Miami, Florida

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