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The Scientific Center Spring Camp


Discovery Place at The Scientific Center will organize a Spring Camp during Public Schools’ spring break. Spring Camp will include scientific workshops, art workshop, tour of the attractions, behind the scenes tours, and IMAX films.

The topics and timings of the camp are as follows:

  • Week 1 (Animal Kingdom): 10 – 14 January 2016
  • Week 2 (Space): 17 – 21 January 2016

Participating is open for boys & girls age 8 – 12 years old. Admission of younger or older children will be decided by DP staff.

Cost of registration is:

  • For TSCK visitors KD30 per week for the first child. KD25.5 per week for every additional sibling (15% discount)
  • For Annual Members KD25 per week for the first child. KD21.25 per week for every additional sibling (15% discount)

Registration will be at Information Desk during visiting hours. The maximum capacity is (30 kids).

Visit The Scientific Center WebpageFacebook, twitter or Instagram for more info and registration.

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