Burger and Lobster at the Avenues

I never been to “Burger and Lobster“, but since it’s opened at the Avenues recently i thought to give it a try . I haven’t been to the Avenues for some time anyway.

Burger and Lobster” is located on the upper level at Grand Avenues, just above Texas Roadhouse.

When I reached with my wife, we wanted to sit outside,but it was full so we went inside, as soon as we went in, we smelled a bad odor, I don’t know what it was exactly but it wasn’t a nice smell.

We insisted to sit outside so we waited till there was an empty table, at least there was no smell.

They had a menu of 3 dishes only. You can choose from Burgers , Lobster and Lobster rolls and they all are at the same price. Or you can order shared combo, it have all 3 of them, Burgers, Lobster and Lobster rolls divided into 2 dishes.

The Burgers was good,fat, juicy and taste really good. The Lobster was the best, we ordered it steamed with lemon butter dressing, the Lobster was so tender and delicious that I wanted to have another one.

The Lobster rolls comes with Japanese mayo and i don’t eat any mayo, so it came a bit dry. I used the remaining lemon butter dressing but still it wasn’t that great, it was the least favorite of 3 dishes.

It was good, but nothing special. i won’t miss it much if i don’t eat there again.

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