The Mandeville


I was in London earlier this month in short trip and wanted to stay at somewhere with a little history or culture – I rarely stay in London – and thought from the name and pictures of “The Mandeville Hotel” that it would be the one. It located in Westminster, a very good location, with just few block walk to Oxford street and Bond underground station.

I only stayed a night and spent most of my time out, but still I thought it would be a better hotel. The room is extremely small, and come to think of it, everything in the hotel is small, the elevators, the hallways, reception and lobby, all were small.

The bed wasn’t that great, it was queen size bed, but the mattress wasn’t great to sleep on, slept on much better mattress.

The bathroom too, low pressure shower and not so much good shampoo and shower gel.

The staff was great, friendly and very helpful. I think that was the best of the hotel. At a rate of almost 85 Kd per night for the type of room I stayed in, I would consider it over priced, or maybe I was expecting more.

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