Technology ! never trust it


I’m technology geek and love to use online services when it’s available, but this time almost backfired.

I know a website TheTrainline where I used to book cheap train tickets and never had a problem with it, and as always i booked my trip from London to Manchester and back.

But, this time I didn’t print my ticket and requested to had it on my phone app.

I arrived to the train station ahead of time to prevent any surprises and it was smart move.

Thought I have downloaded the ticket on my iPhone, but when I checked with train station staff they said this isn’t the ticket and should call the company to sort it out, and I did call, but they ensure that this is the ticket on my phone and it’s valid and shouldn’t worry; that was almost 2 hours before my train time.

But for some reason I checked again with station staff an hour before the train departure and again they confirmed THIS IS NOT THE TICKET and should download the ticket or have a printed version.

I went to the customer service and there were other with the same issue and that the app having issue downloading tickets from the system. All of who purchased tickets from TheTrainline should call the company and have them send the tickets to our email addresses.

There were too many ahead of me and wanted to print their tickets. It was a disaster, eventually I printed mine just on time and ran to platform.

Next time I will use online services but will always backed it with physical copies.

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