Its been a while that I’ve been hunting for good hotdogs and after reading a review on I went to check it out and try their hotdogs.

They have simple menu nothing complicated. I tried the classic hotdog, it was a hotdog sandwich with catchup and mustard only came with a potato bun which isn’t that very classic, it was good, but the bun isn’t.

As for appetizers I went for their best seller “Haute fries” and it was good. The cheese, the fries and the jalapeño were really tasty, but felt it was greasy and I couldn’t eat it all.

The sandwich was light and easily I can eat 2 to 3 of theme, but the fries came in a bigger potion and they are good for two persons I guess. Still not the best hotdog in Kuwait but they have a great location and nice food. Haute are located in Sharq, just opposite of police station.

There is also an indian restaurant next to it. I like the outdoor seating and i think i will go back there again.

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