Kill The Messenger


It makes you feel good to see there are balance in this world. Just last week I saw “NightCrawler” which show the media at it ugliest and just now I watched on OSN “Kill the messenger” which shows true devotion to expose truth no matter what, two sides of the same coin.

“Kill the messenger” based on true story, an anti-CIA film where tells the story of journalist Gary Webb exposing the CIA dealing in drug trafficking in America and sponsoring Nicaraguan rebels, only to end with a coverup from CIA.

f62c4536a7811ade6a682aaa1bd088ff~ Looking more into this story through the internet. I found more alleged coverup stories by the CIA, one was that Monica Lewinsky scandal was all staged to setup Bill Clinton just to get off people attention. There are more and more stories, If you are interested on alleged story cover up by CIA watch this [Youtube clip].

Back to the film, It was good film to watch and great performance by Jeremy Renner.

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