The Meat Co.


I’ve got along my colleague an invitations from Food Fund International to attend The Meat Co. taste-off for their new menu.

The event was different from what I used to attend, it clearly wasn’t a Kuwaiti organizer, but it was good event nonetheless. We met really important and interesting people in The Meat Co. and socialized with the marketing team which I think That’s what events all about.

unnamedWe came under the impression we will be trying the new The Meat Co. menu, but it wasn’t the case. They aren’t changing whole menu, they are only changing dessert and beverages menu and adding new items to the entree. My friend Salah Behbehani will elaborate more ..

Where I s the Main Core!?!

Great welcome; nice seating was next to the dessert display table.

We were welcomed with a nice sour red colored drink; the second drink was amazingly good with a sweet and spicy taste which tangles your taste buds. Both drinks were beautifully presented.

I could not resist the sweet. Nice dessert sampling taste varies between sweetness, saltiness and bitterness you don’t know what you are getting expect next. Except for the Apple crumble was tasteless.

Last was the finger foods, 5 items we tried; for my taste they were ok, not new!

Where is the new menu? I asked. Is it a secret not out yet. Why we were invited!!!?? Where is the main core of The The Meat Co. (ie TheSteak) Maybe next time !!!

The Meat Co. will be having a new menu coming out soon in 360 Mall, they have not exactly have a date but I think it will come up in Eid. I think you should try it.

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