Gaucho frozen steaks!!

Gaucho frozen steaks!!

It has been a while since I had a steak, and there is only two restaurants in kuwait that serve great steaks. Butcher’s Den and Gaucho Grill, and since I was at the avenues I went to Gaucho.

When walked in I asked the garson do you have steak? – knowing they quickly run out of good steak – He said: Sure, we do, but it’s not Argentina, it’s American frozen steak! Then I was WHAT?!?! frozen steak, I hope it’s not Applebees or chilis kinda steaks.

Sitting at the table looking at the menu, noticed something difference, they also changed their menu!! it didn’t look nice, it was cheesy and cheap, didn’t like it. So I order the usual.

I ordered sirloin steak medium well, but when it served it was overcooked, and I asked why it’s overcooked? they said because it’s frozen, it had to stay on the grill little bit more otherwise it would come cold from inside, I said ok I understand. But still the steak was thin, flat, dry, stiff but have ok taste.

The food in general wasn’t great that night, Also the service was slow and not attentive, not to mention the juice was lousy and felt its canned juice with syrup,. Joking with the garson, have you changed the chef? He said YES , the chef is in leave and we are bringing new one for now!!!

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