United airline !! 

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One of the things I like most about America is their customer service, and I think #United Airline has the worst service.

I’ve been in the states for 10 days now and seems the only problems i’m getting is from airlines, previously my baggage was delayed with Etihad.

Having United as the only direct flight option from Houston to Miami was the reason I booked this flight, but never thought that the tickets fees didn’t include baggage and I had to pay extra at the airport, I didn’t had to do this when I was flying Southwest and BlueJet.

Also they didn’t had a regular check-in desk, all they had was so many kiosks and I have to check-in myself. It was the only smart move by united.

I was in the last group to get on the plane and by that time most of overhead compartments were full, I had to put my backpack underneath front seat with no leg room. it was really tight plane. I stopped the flight attendance to ask her to look for a room in any overhead compartment but was like ” Yeah yeah I will look, but what she really meant, deal with it I don’t care” and left me, not bothering to come back to tell me it’s all full. The flight attendant were sluggish and so not interested.

It was really the worst service I’ve experience in any airline.

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