Cohiba Lounge


Last weekend I was staying at Safir Marina hotel, and since I don’t go there that much I thought to try Cohiba Lounge at Marian Crescent. I’ve passed by the shop a couple of times but never been inside or checked their cigar.

They only sell top Cuban brands, I think it’s ok for new smokers, but for me it felt they had the smallest cigars collection I could found in a cigar lounge.

I bought “Punch Petit Coronations” as I didn’t smoke it before for almost 2.5KD. I thought it was little overpriced. I was asking the salesman what are the differents between their cigars and he was not an expert at all, in fact he don’t know much about cigars which is very poor to have in a cigar lounge.

The place was almost empty with only me and one other guy sitting to smoke, they were playing nice music but the place didn’t feel like a lounge, it felt like a cafe.

The Punch was good, actually very good, well reserved and smelled fresh. It took me up to 45 min to smoke it with a cup of expresso and glass of water. It was medium flavoured with its Nutty, woody and slightly spicy flavours and i would rate it 3/5.

Overall experience of Cohiba Lounge in Marian Crescent Kuwait was ok, but I wouldn’t think of it as a lounge, it would be good to buy some cuban cigar but not fancy smoking it there.

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