“Room Of Clues” experience

Two weeks back, I’ve got a nice invitation from “Room Of Clues” to go and try it out. This kind of interactive mind games where you try to find clues and solve puzzles is new to Kuwait. I have seen some similar gaming in Hungary and Dubai as well, but not it is here in Kuwait.

“Room Of Clues” operate on the weekends only in an hourly basis. were 2 to 5 players are locked in an office full of puzzles and clues that you have to solve and escape in less than 60 minutes. It could be great family activity or a challenge between friends.

.. The story goesOthman Tahir is not your ordinary rich shaikh. He calls himself “Robin Hood”. He has been involved in money laundering from “other” thieves for years now. I have information that OT has transfered most of his black cash to a bank in Kuwait. Here’s where you come in. Break into his office in Kuwait City, find the account number and get out before he returns within 60 minutes.”

Unfortunately due to family matters I could try it out and play, but I’m looking forward to do so in the future. Please visit their website, Facebook, Instagram or call them for more information.
Instagram @roomofclues
Mobile: 22258255, 96696770, 99333205

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