Guess where you’re most likely to get food poisoning?


A friend of mine sent me an article from TotalTravel a list of countries where you’re most likely to get food poisoning. I thought countries like India and Egypt would top the list, but no, they are in the list.

The research comes from travel specialists at the British law firm Slater and Gordon, who asked 2,000 travellers to report their bathroom experiences abroad, according to the British publication Express. The firm originally funded the study because they noticed that there was a rise in the number of people requesting their services after falling ill while travelling.

Here are the top 10 places people have gotten sick abroad:

  1. Spain (30 per cent)
  2. Turkey (15 per cent)
  3. Egypt (13 per cent)
  4. Greece (12 per cent)
  5. France (12 per cent)
  6. Italy (8 per cent)
  7. America (7 per cent)
  8. India (7 per cent)
  9. Morocco (6 per cent)
  10. Thailand (6 per cent)

So watch out when eating street food from those countries.

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