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No good deed goes unnoticed, and this is how i felt when i got an invitation from Zain for those who continued to blogging rather than shifting to Instagram and Snap Chat. When I started blogging I wanted to blog, nothing else and thats why I didn’t shift to any different platforms.

It was good to see everybody, it’s been a while since i last saw iTunesQ8, HiKuwait, Aljalawi, PinkGirlQ8 and others.

Pintxos restaurant hosted Zain #Bloggers_3asha and here is a review of ‘Food and Seating’ By Salah Behbahani.

Does comfortable seating in a restaurant affects your mood of food? Tapas style food munches of Pintxos was not enjoyable experience; simply because we was not setting comfortably. The seating were neither for sitting nor for sleeping!

Food presentation was amazing the names likewise, but, the taste!? Out of 12 different tapas I liked 2 to 3 kinds only. Oh… the drinks are another story, I do not know from where to start. They had fancy names, but unfortunately they do not stand for the name. There are mix of different from KDD juices (with KDD I know what I am getting).

Salah’s Personal note: Everyone deserves second chance, maybe if I had a more comfortable seating my mood well taste the food better. See again Pintxos.

Thanks to Zain for organizing the evening with live music at Pintxos it was lovely.

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