Smoking Cigars Abroad


Note to self!! Never take cigar again.

Almost in all Europe and America I can’t smoke at pubic places, and if I to smoke in a cigar lounges, I got to buy their cigar or pay to smoke my own cigar. So it is best that i don’t hustle and carry my cigar ever again..

Ive been to LA in my last trip and tryed 3 different cigar lounges “V Cut”, “The Backroom” and “The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge”.

Ive been in LA for few days and hadnt smoked a thing. Based on foursqure listening i found “V Cut”, it was one top lounge at 8172 Melrose Ave, LA 90046, an open shop,  very cozy with few numbers of tables and couches, very Californian, simply the way LA’s roll. V Cut don’t serve food or drinks, maybe they have soft drinks. They got a great collection, some of the best cigars and I really enjoyed smoking my A. Fuente Hemingway .

Two days later I’ve been to this great vegan restaurant with couple of Airbnb friends and had a quite a meal then decided to head to “The Back Room” lounge. It wasn’t a cigar lounge pre se, it was more of hangout spot to smoke and drink, due the California law it is illegal to smoke at close places and restaurants, but it was ok not the best of places but they do serve at least hot and cold drinks as well as shesha.. I did smoke “Padron 1964 Anniversary Series”. Again, it is good place to hangout but as good to smoke a cigar.

This is was my last day in LA, I was just finished walking Santa Monica the Third Street Promenade, it was such a good outdoors shopping area with a lot of restaurants and coffee shops and wasn’t sure where to go next? Should I , A) Go to Venice beach and enjoy a good dinner. or B) Head to smoke a fine cigar in one of alleged best lounges in LA. I went with option B.

The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge on 11950 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90025, was certainly the biggest cigar’s shop i’ve seen, they have a 10 meters long humidor room with all kind of cigar brands. After I choose my cigar A. Fuente Rosado Magnum to smoke, they told me it is a members only cigar lounge. But with a little persuasion and knowing I’m came from far away “Kuwait” he let me in, but not without signing 3 pages member application.

The salesman made sure that I know there will be smoke coming for the lounge, and i told him sure there will be smoke, but why you are telling me that? he told me that one time a man tried to sue them because hey didn’t warn him that there will be smoke in the room. 🙂 ..
The lounge is big and roomy, it got all leather couches and cigar magazines, huge TV screens as well as big card playing table, even in the toilets they have an ashtrays,, how awesome is that 🙂 .. 
Its a great lounge, real genuine cigar lounge, like something you will only see in movies. It is privet were everybody knows everybody, but since I’m not the social type so I felt little like an outsider and couldn’t break into their conversations, maybe someone is more social would blend in better.
Between them all I still like an open for public kinda lounges such as the “V Cut”.
For more website and twitter – @VcutCigarLounge ,
~ VCut Pictures from cigaropolis 

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