The Oscar can be misleading


Few weeks ago I’ve been in a very very long flight to LA, and i had plenty of time to read, sleep and watch films too, in fact I had enough time to watch 4 films “Birdman, Lucy, Horrible bosses 2 and Interstellar”.

I was so excited  about watching Bridman as it won many Oscars. But it was so disappointed, the story evolved in a theatre were a washed out actor want to revive his past with one final act, but he struggle with varies things. For me it was poor film very poor, I wish I had slept more on the air plan than watching it.

After a good sleep and a meal, I was ready to watch my babe Scarlett Johansson starting in Lucy, never read any reviews and never hear anyone talk about it, so I was watching it without any expectation..

The story goes like with any spoilers. Scarlett studies in Japan and got caught with mob that want to experiment new drug, but one thing led to another AND she become superhuman. It was such a B film, not at all was the standards of Scarlett Johansson or Morgen Freeman. And that kiss Scarlett gave Amr waked was weird !!! WHAT WAS THAT? WHY?? .. The film was terrible and I don’t recommend it at all. 


Flight home, was a better and shorter ride. I sat next to two planes critics and we had a good talk about all kind of Air forces around the world as well as aerobatic teams such as Red Arrows and Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Back to films. This time I watched Interstellar. It was long film, about 169 min. And as always with Matthew McConaughey you will get great acting, The film was interesting as the planet earth is dying and NASA trying to find new planet for human. The films wasn’t that great also wasn’t that bad, it was ok.

The idea of a father leaving his kids behind to go and find a better planet was strong for me. As a father, the idea of leaving my kids would be an extreme idea, and that I think what made the film good for me.

I liked the film, there are some emotional scene too. It was ok.

Horrible Bosses 2 was the one I liked the most. Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day have so much chemistry, together they can film anything and will be funny. I loved everything about the film, the script, the acting the directing and Jennifer Aniston too 🙂 .

Before watching the film I thought they will be Horrible Bosses to their employees but No No ,, the story takes another turn …. really good film.

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