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digipillMusic and meditation are tools that can bring peace and mental relaxation. And this is a fact.

I’ve always felt that meditation is something I would like to get into, something I would like to practise in a routine bases, but never done it till few years back when I was on a long flight and couldn’t sleep, which is very unlikely to me.

It was BA flight and they had on their entertainment screen something for “Sleep and Relaxation Hypnosis” it was the perfect timing to try. And it worked like a charm. I loved it and slept like never before.

Then, last year I was in Chicago and went to spiritual healer, wanting to try it and see what is it all about. She was kinda Zen master who try to bring inner peace and balance by meditation. She was playing same music at the background and guiding me into deep relaxation, it was a great session, very helpful session that I still do it from time to time when I’m alone.

I’m writing about this now, because I’ve downloaded an app called “digipill” very useful for those who like to take their time and treat themself. The app come’s with one free session and so many other paid sessions.

I’ve downloaded a few sessions and tried them over the weekend, and i’ve felt great and more focused. Those session varies in time, some are 13 min and some are 30 min depending on what you want, they are perfect session both in comfort voice and soothing music. Very well narrated to guide you to get into another world of your own thoughts.

There are many free sessions online and YouTube, but not as good as “digipill” and with “digipill” you can organize your sessions in lists and ready to play and easy to use.

The app is free, but as i mentioned it come with one free session (13 min long) titled t-break; prescription for relaxation, its used to embark upon an effortless journey of ever growing comfort towards a state of calm and replenishment.

You can listen to a sample session I found on YouTube for relaxation and sleep hypnosis. Enjoy !

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