Have you seen any good films lately?


I know I did.

This week I’ve watched two films that could easily stole into my classics category, films I could relate to, films that was really well-played and directed.

I’ve watch HER the other night, late night on OSN a Joaquin Phoenix film. He was goofy and out-of-place kinda guy who his wife just left him, he had super good-looking neighbours Amy Adams who was very much married, but a troubled married.

The film was very well-directed by Spike Jonze. It will grasp you from first scene, the music was great too. I did miss the first 10 to 15 min of the film as I was flipping though the channels as I stall on watching it.

The story as it goes was, Theodore felt lonely after losing his wife and family and needed someone to a company him and found newly OS that can be an assistant or a friend, an AI computer software that can not only think but also build character. Having that kind of companion, who was adorable, smart and costumed to his own need, Theodore find him self slowly lured in love with Samantha (The OS), and at times he struggled with the idea of loving an OS.

That story was unique and genuine and thats what made me love the film. It was something wearied but in the same time something needed in our kinda world, where it is rare to find someone who get you, and that wasn’t the only good part about the film.

Then there was the acting, I think it was his best ever role for Joaquin Phoenix and only outplayed by The OS even it was only a narrative character, Samantha was a narrating thought out the film, that voice was one the calmest, the sexist, and most comfy and soothing voice ever, when I googled who is voice was it, it was Scarlet Johansson.

The film have won 5 award for Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay – Motion Picture, Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay, Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Screenplay and ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards – Contemporary Film

To watch the trailer.


Few days later I’ve turned to Sex Tape, I wasn’t really eager to see it as I thought it going to be another teenage film with many sex hints, but I did watch it because I was bored.

And I was right it was full of sex hints, but it wasn’t at all another teenage film, it was real comedy film, the hilarious kinda comedy.

I only liked Jason Segel in “How I Met Your Mother’ and never liked all of his other work. He wasn’t that good in all his films, at least for me. But in this film he did great. As for Cameron Diaz, she looked old, very old (I think it because the HD) and there something wrong with her nose, but she is really good actress.

The story would appeal to all married couples.

When Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) first got together, their romantic connection was intense – but ten years and two kids later, the flame of their love needs a spark. To kick things up a notch, they decide – why not? – to make a video of themselves trying out every position in The Joy of Sex in one marathon three-hour session. It seems like a great idea – until they discover that their most private video is no longer private. With their reputations on the line, they know they’re just one click away from being laid bare to the world… but as their race to reclaim their video leads to a night they’ll never forget, they’ll find that their video will expose even more than they bargained for.Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment

I was surprised that the film got low rating in IMDb only given 5.1 which I think it could easily get an 8.  To watch the trailer.

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