Perdomo Estate Selección Vintage


This cigar has been my first in many things, It’s been the first cigar I’ve smoked in 2015 ; right after family new year party,  the first cigar i’ve light at home, and first Perdomo estate seleccion vintage i’ve smoked.

But I smoked a Perdomo before.

As I remember I didn’t smoke at all that day and I was desperate for some puffs. I usually smoke Hookah/Shisha at home but that night I was dry and didn’t have any tobacco so I’ve smoked the alternative while I was playing Evil With In.

It was a good cigar compared to previous Perdomo that I’ve smoked, and it has to be, since they brand it as Perdomo’s second best ever cigars. It have a strong spicy flavor, the nice kind of flavor. It didn’t leave an aftertaste like other Nicaraguan cigars which if fine with me. The Perdomo Estate Vintage Natural combines aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan filler tobaccos with a flawless, hand-selected Connecticut shade wrapper. This mellow, slow-burning smoke exudes flavor notes of coffee bean, cedar, nuts, and cream.

The Estate Selección Vintage loaded with rich smoke as I kept smoking it for almost a 75 min, which is very good for an epicure size.

Size: EPICURE 6 x 50
Binder: Nicaraguan
Strength:  Mild – Medium
Rating: 3/5

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