The Perdomo Lot 23


Another day another cigar, this time I’m trying Perdomo Lot 23, it’s Nicaraguan and  I got it from a friend.

I cant’s say I like it too much, as there wasn’t much smoke but had nice smell and very good taste with a nice hint of espresso and nuts flavor. That was what I liked most, it was enjoyable to smoke.

I had it outdoors at Starbucks when I was waiting for my daughter to get ff school, I smoked around third of it in 30min and had to continue the rest of the cigar later that night. Although I smoked it 7 hours later, It kept it flavor, in fact I enjoyed it better at night.

The Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto cigar has a medium flavored blend. The wrapper is a caramel-brown Connecticut-seed and The fillers, is rich blend of dark Nicaraguan tobaccos bound by a robust Nicaraguan binder.

Size: 5 x 50
Rate: 2/5
Origin: Nicaraguan

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