CAO Colombia

cao colombia

I’ve been smoking a lot of cigar lately, maybe because of the weather or I enjoy it more than shesha..

On the other day, after festive night of burger at Steak n Shake opening, I went with friends to smoke cigar, and they had quite a collection to offer me and I’ve chosen CAO Colombia cigars.

It was ok cigar, nothing special, like any average Nicaraguan cigar but with really smooth draw. I was disappointed with it multinational blend of rare Columbian, Nicaraguan, and Cameroon tobaccos that it didn’t leave a great after-smoke taste. The CAO Colombia tasted a mellow range of flavors such as coffee and nuts with a slightly sweet undertone. It was good cigar that didn’t take too long to smoke, maybe 30 min to 45 min.

It was too light for me that I wanted to smoke another one.

Size: 5 x 50
Origin: Nicaraguan
Rate: 2.5/5

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