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Last night I was invited to the opening of Steak n Shack at Bnaid Algar, just next to Alsaaha restaurant.

Many was saying “It is finally opening in Kuwait” and since I wasn’t a big burger fan, I went with a dear friend so he could be the judge 🙂 and I think he did pretty good job.

After a round of chocolate, mint and vanilla shakes, I think the chocolate was the best, while vanilla was ok and nothing special, but didn’t like the mint shake as it tasted like toothpaste.

Then we were served the food round, and this is what my friend said about it:

Fries was excellent, tasted great hot and cold. Hamburger; I was over whelmed with the cheese taste that took over the taste of the hamburger (I was eating a cheese sandwich). I ordered a hamburger without cheese. The hamburger was little cold and the fresh ingredients (tomato and lettuce) over taking the taste of the meat; it is like I am eating a vegetable sandwich.

Fresco sandwich; x large pieces of toast bread with very generous amount of butter, the sauce tasted very good.

I cannot say anything about the ambient until its officially opened and the regular crowd in the restaurant. The restaurant deco was nice; bathroom was not clean even though I have arrived early. One of the staff entered the bathroom while I am there, only cleaned his had with water (soap was available).

Overall it was really nice opening, lovely people, nice music and good food.

Steak n Shake will open today (18th Dec 2014) at noon. Give it a try and taste their burger.

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