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The new Ahli United online banking have been up and running since last month, but I haven’t been using it a lot.

They haven’t added any new features I know of, but they did many modification, and the main one was paying the credit card. Before, you have to enter you card number everytime when you have to pay for your card, but not any more, now you can select your card and pay it.

Another modification I’ve noticed. Whenever you transfer money or pay your bills I used to use a password, but now you get a OPT (one time password) thru your mobile which is good, I guess.

Then there was their new look which is huge improvement from their last, but it won’t work at on the iPhone browser (due to alignment and scrolling) which is a total disaster if you need to use your online banking in your mobile.

In overall I would say it big improvement but still not as good as other online banking I use ie. NBK and Boubyan Bank.

There is a thing I couldn’t figure, why is purple color in the theme?

PS: Ahli United still don’t have Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page nor they have an online application. 

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  1. Looks like the best size shovel. Like it.

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