Festive day yesterday

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Yesterday was one of the longest day of my life. I left home around 7:00am for work and as usual there are so much to do. Left at 4pm to do some chores then to Jumeirah Messilah Hotel for the celebration of UAE national day.

It was really crowded with many ambassadors and VIPs but sadly with little to do, there was few booths of UAE services and products and then there was the “Yolah” which was good to watch. I like how despite all the urbanization and sophistication UAE become they still clinch to their heritage and roots.

At the next door, Radisson Blu Hotel hosting the Swiss embassy dinner to celebrate Swiss national day – it suppose to take place in Ramadan but they postponed it. The Swiss event was cozier with small group playing live traditional tones. There I was Fortunate to meet the German ambassador and say hi.. It was a good event.

The place smells cheesy, good cheese smell and I was so eager to taste all that good-looking cheese, and they were really good, if I could overdose from cheese I would be dead now.

The the final act, I went to MUSC Kuwait match day meet up at Applebee’s. As usual you don’t want to miss out on match day with MUSC Kuwait guys they are die-hard fans with lot to share about the game, it was good midweek game as United won 2-1 vs Stock.

30 mintues after midnight I reach back home, it was almost 17 and half hour running around.

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