Few days back i was driving on the 3rd Ring Road and i spotted a big tall tower in Hawally with Palazzo sign on top of it, and i said where i did see this?! and i remember seeing Palazzo Hotel on Las Vegas, so i zoomed on the name and it was the same name with the same spelling.

Im not so sure that Hawally Palazzo is under the Las Vegas Palazzo umbrella, but im sure there wont be a casinos in Hawally.

Palazzo Kuwait
Palazzo Las Vegas

4 Responses to “Palazzo”

  1. TheRex says:

    3ayal shaklik mo shayef miami beach in bnaid el gar? 😛

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    لا مو صج !!

  3. abdullah mohammad says:

    هاهاهاه حلوه ميامي بيش 🙂

  4. ^ says:

    liked this post!

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