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Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.24.20 AM I spend almost all my time at work around my computer. I really enjoy listening online to UK radio, it give me a huge moral boost, simply listening to accent and looking at sea view from my office remind me of my time at Blackpool.

Listening online wasn’t that practical, I always have to keep a browser open, and didn’t have much option other than bbc channels. So I looked for apps.

myTuner Radio, free or the paid App are the best I’ve tried and I tried like 10 apps already. What i like about myTuner Radio is it have 30,000 channels from 120 countries. It almost never buffering or interrupted streaming, and i’ve let it play for more than 8 continuous hours. It also give you an option to record what you’re listening to mp3 files.

myTuner Radio App is easy to use, doesn’t need app window to be open, it work at the background, and you can control it from menu bar.

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