Halima A$$

ولكم التعليق

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  1. Brownzee says:

    Fake قصدك ؟؟

    اتوقع عدد البكسلات الضخمه عند عمليه الزووم سوت فيها جذي

    يبيلك ريـتـنا ديسبلاي

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    انا اول ما شفتها قلت في شي غلط بس قلت يمكن غلطان بعد كذا حلقه قلت اكيد في غلط .. اللهم لا شماته…

  3. TheRex says:

    LOL walah 5abaitona eb 7aleema.. wain ma aroo7 la7gatni.. enshalah mo el deera kelha eta7acha 3anha.

  4. Ab Shtail says:

    للاسف خالف تُعرف

  5. bader says:

    kel wa7ed 7ur eb moakhertaa ya akhee 😛

  6. That funny shape to her booty is from butt pads that are sewn in underwear to make your ass appear larger. Since she (whoever she is ~ I don’t know) already has a fat butt the pads are too small in shape therefore causing her to look odd. And since I am a former model I know butt pads when I see them. She should fire her stylist and hire me. looool.

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