Life without a smartphone


A while ago I had a problem with my iPhone, where the screen just turned black and stayed black and I’ve almost done everything to fix it and it didn’t. So I thought to sent for repair in cheap iPhone workshops in Hawalli as I was thinking I don’t want to spend a lot on iPhone 5s and soon iPhone 6 is coming out soon.

It took that shop more than a week to tell me sorry it can’t be fix due some freak problem, and it took me more than 3 days to buy another iPhone. But I’m not blogging about this.

While I wasn’t using the iPhone I was using shitty Blackberry Q5 without internet for a whole 10 days. It was great 10 days, can’t remember I had a peace of mind the way i felt when I wasn’t looking at my iPhone every 10 min, never bother to like posts in Instagram or reply a tweet, I WAS USING THE PHONE AS JUST A PHONE and that how it should be.

Living in a life full of sharing with people I don’t know and people do not know me, and it sucks. Why would I share? unwisely because it become a lifestyle.

And because I had a great time without internet I wanted to continue the same way, but internet is like drugs you can’t not use it when you just have it. So I compromised a little. I will still live the social cyber shit but I will not go back to the way I used to.

So what I did, I’ve turned all notifications off, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter, also I’ve deleted all app that I’m not using regularly like path, snapchat and BBM and many others, at least like that I will only be bothered when I wanted to, I will fetch for whatever only when I want to, and it made a lot of difference.

Fuck you social media, you made our life irritating ..

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