Rooftop baseball at the Wrigley field


The meaning of travel is to expose to new cultures and get to do something new, something out of the ordinary. At least that is why I love travelling.

I’m in Chicago for business but I still try to squeeze some fun, but never thought of going to baseball game at rooftop of surroundings houses of a stadium, but thanks to the event organisers they invited me to it or I would never knew it exist.

Last night I went to Chicago Cubs game at the Wrigley Field and watched the game from 3rd floor ON STANDS, not only that, but they were serving grill food, open bar and TV screens everywhere, it was top experience.

I’ve asked, how could the stadium allow houses around the field to sell tickets to people and let them watch the games while none of the money goes to the team?

They said, at first owner of the team sued the houses but never got a thing, then he went and bought all the houses and started renting them as usual just to keep the tradition going while revenues from renting rooftops went to the team 🙂 smart move. If it was in our country they would simply build a big wall blocking the houses view 🙁

Wrigley Field is the oldest remaining baseball stadium in America, Cubs first game was played on 1914, and on 2014 they celebrated 100 years anniversary.

As for the game I attended the Cubs lost 3-1 to Brewers 🙂

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