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Few weeks back I was invited to check out CrossFit face off between Kuwait CrossFit centers (Circuit + CrossFit, CrossFit hybernova, Inspire Pure , CrossFit Flare, CrossFit Q8), and man it was hardcore exercises.

CrossFit, in my opinion is a proper sport that really gets you fit and strong, at least its looks like it. Unlike bodybuilding were it just fill you out.

Circuit+ CrossFit located in Shuwaikh and Salmiyah, the one in Salmiyah offers CrossFit for men, women and kids. As I’ve been told, members practice an one hour session 5 times a week to a designed session to their ability, so no worry if you are fat, unfit or never exercised before, you still can join CrossFit and work it.

And recently it become a trend in Kuwait, almost everybody interested in bodybuilding are switching to CrossFit and they loving it.

For more info: call them at +965 6604 5273 or visit their website at or check their Instagram.

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