Overload of nothing

Ohh its been a while since I wrote something, been very busy doing nothing in my two weeks leave.

But I wasn’t planning it like this, it was suppose to be productive and to finish the unfinished business I have pending, sadly none was done.

Lot of sleeping which was great and so many of xbox gaming which was awesome too. I did have some studies for exams which I had to do and allhemdelah did.

Been playing Dead Rising 3 and Watch Dogs and both games were amazing and to kill sometime I was playing Child Of Light.

Dead Rising is a game which you just go out and slayer many zombies, run them over, creating new weapons and splashing lots of blood, great game to let some steam off.. It doesn’t need any thinking just go play.

Watchdogs is in some way similar to GTA, but i liked Watchdogs more, maybe because there is a hacking theme to it and you need to use your brain at times, what i didn’t like is those cars chasing and racing, I’m bad when it come to driving.

Child of light have the best soundtrack I’ve listened to, so relaxing sometimes I just play to listen to the soundtrack. Also its very good smooth game, amazing graphic playing it is like looking and listening to pure ART.


Having online store in my xbox is great in a way i don’t need to go to Hawally to buy overprices games and ditch the horrible traffic.

Waiting for Ramadan to start playing Wolfenstein ..

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  1. Che cosa è Che si svolgono Sono nuovo a questo ,
    mi sono imbattuto in questo ho trovato E ‘ assolutamente utili
    e ha contribuito a

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