Zain happy day

Three weeks back Zain demonstrated that happiness is state of mind and you can be happy whenever you wanna be happy.

Right from the start of my day I shoot a nice video spreading the joy and happiness of Zain SmileyFace at my work and among my colleagues.. It really brighten up my day.

Not much after work I went to Zain happy day where they show us in only 5 simple steps how to throw all that negative energy and replace it with happiness.

Step One. Find away to release your tension
Step Two. Don’t care? Free your mind
Step Three. target your goal and look forward
Step Four. dust your self and stand up, work on your pledge wall
Step Five. Capture the moment SMILE

I was in a perfect mood at the end of the day before I travel to America that night.
Thank you Zain for happiness recipe

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