OSN increase their prices


OSN send me SMS yesterday informing me that they had changed their price and add $13 to my package (whether i like it or not). But i wanted to check if i can decline the increase and i called them and a conversation as followed:

Me: “Is it true that a $13 to be added to my bill from next month?”
Operator: “Yes, it’s only $13 for great features and services to be added to your package.”
Me: “But i don’t want more services and features, i’m happy with with i got and what i pay.”
Operator: “Sorry sir, but we have changed the prices starting 2014 and your package is to be changed to the new price.”
Me: “So the price is not increased because you added more services and features for my convenient, it increased because OSN thought of adding more services and features.”
Operator: “Yes.”
Me: “So i can’t decline the increase.”
Operator: “No sir.”
Me: “@%$#” , then hangup.

And Now my package is increased $13 for services i will never use.

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  1. Alnajdi73 says:

    السؤال المفروض ينسأل
    ليش الزيادة بس على المشتركين بدول الخليج فقط!!!!

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