#TunnelVisionKWT Let’s clean it up


On 2-Nov-2013 from 10AM-8PM to we will be cleaning up and painting the Jabriya-Rumaithiya tunnel, a neglected 80 meter long pedestrian walkway under Fahaheel expressway that is utilized by more than 500 people daily.

As with all of our events, the cost of this project will be volunteer-funded. The material cost for this work is 790KD. You are invited to donate a maximum of 10KD per person to help cover this cost.  Donation pledges are accepted on the @JabriyaME and @RumaithiyaME accounts, and pledgers are expected to deliver their contribution on site at the day of the event.

This event is in collaboration with @KuwaitHealthyLiving

Recently there has been many many voluntary and charity work in Kuwait, and im happy that has been more awareness and care from people to give to the people. Keep it up guys ..

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