I’ve went to the film the other day at #GrandCinema and the film was good. It talked about the beginning of his career life.

Having read the book i feel they missed out so many things from the film but also got me understand some of the things Steve Jobs doing in the film (like when he got high and stood at the field and imagining Mozart symphonies, and screaming in the car when they ditch him from his company).
It was well played from Ashton Kutcher, well directed but i think clothe designing wise was poor.

The film is still showing at GrandCinema at Al Hamra Tower.

Director: Joshua Michael Stern
Stars: Ashton Kutcher
Gross: $14,806,344 (USA) (30 August 2013) – I think it should do better
Runtime: 128 min – It is pretty hard to squeeze Jobs life in 2 hours

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