الاتحاد الكويتي لكرة القدم الامريكية

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  1. LAFANI Issac says:

    Dear Sir

    Hello,my name is LAFANI Issac,i’m from Algeria i study STAPS in university which means in french “Science et technologie des activités physiques et sportives”,i’m also a Coach in american football in my association “Olympic Torch of Boumerdes” I’m working so hard to make american football a reality here in Algeria and i really need a help from you,i’m walking step by step from an association to a federation and we want to make a coopirative relationship with you starting from helping us to get an official formation for coaching “Diploma” to make it realized (the federation) because without it we can do nothing and in exchange you will have all
    the publiciy you want and more,so if you accept i will manage all the protocoles to receive the Representatives you will send with Provide for residency and everything you ask for, if you have any better ideas i’m all ears,by the way the association located in Boumerdes which is a Coastal touristic city far away from the capital 28 km,and more info :the name of the team is Boumerdes Sailers, the color of the team is green and black, i’m waiting for a positive and a quick response if you may and thank you for your time.
    your sincerely Mr LAFANI

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