Driving in Germany

Driving in thru Koln in Germany

You find it easy when everything in order.. I never have a comfortable drive as i did in Germany. They are so organized, so polite, so understanding that makes a blind man drive in their streets.

I have some experience driving around the world such as USA, Canada, UK, GCC and now Germany and by far Germany has the best streets and the best drivers.

You will never find someone plays with his phone or checking his text, you won’t find even someone holding his phone for a phone call. And that means the streets so flowing with ease and smoothness, no sudden breaks, no sudden cars dashing for exit and the most important everybody is focused on the road.

Also the streets so easy to drive in, no complicated exits or multiple lanes that you have to guess which one you should take, super straightness to destinations.

I’ve been driving from Koln to Munich to Wiesbaden, its about more that 1000 km and I’m really loving it.

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