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New song for Sons of Yusuf. They are Kuwaiti rappers Brothers, they are very good and very creative. I really liked their hit song “hala hala“. Recently they come up with new song, its part of job site series called “Whats your Story” , still pretty good. Check it out.

What’s your story? Why do you work? Why do you do what you do, day in and day out? Do you do it for yourself, or for your family? Do you do it because it’s the right way, and not the easy way?

We asked Kuwaiti duo Sons of Yusuf to share with us their story and their views on work, as a part of’s “What’s Your Story” series. What’s YOUR story?


Haven’t heard the song on the radio or watch on the tv. I’ve only seen it on #YoutubeMusicMix, and been playing it like crazy ever since. Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On got the best dance moves and great beat, lovely video clip.

There is another version, the Official Lyric Video which also good 🙂 I cant remember playing a song that much, since Lady Gaga Bad Romance.


Or you can watch a better version on

Everybody’s writing songs with synthesizers
But I don’t have a synthesizer
I can still get down like
Duran Duran in 1985
I didn’t name my band after an animal
I don’t have any feathers or neon clothes
But I can stay out all night
Like Sacajawea in a paint fight

For once, once in your life
Won’t you do what feels right
Instead of waiting for the next big compromise
Stop running your mouth
Get out of the house
Get yourself downtown
And shake it all out tonight

I don’t have any friends at Pitchfork or NME
No sexy heroin addiction plaguing me
But I can still get down like
Frank Poncherello on a motor bike… that’s right

Once, once in your life
Won’t you do what feels right
Instead of waiting for the next big compromise
Stop running your mouth
Get out of the house
Get yourself downtown
And shake it all out tonight

For once, once in your life
Won’t you do what feels right
Instead of waiting for the next big thing to strike
Stop running your mouth
Get out of the house
Get yourself downtown
And shake it all out tonight



I like watching film, specially weird and strange film.

Just the other day, late night I was tuning on OSN and wasn’t watching something in practical as always but kept on “Upside Down“, they way it was filmed was new and looked great, and it turned our to be great film. You can watch the trailer Upside Down.

Throughout the film they’ve been playing this tango song that was amazing and thought to start series of movies soundtrack posts. You can listen to EL ULTIMO CAFÉ by Roberto Goyeneche.

Due to licensing and copyrights i can’t share the song here. If you want to listen to the song simply click here


digipillMusic and meditation are tools that can bring peace and mental relaxation. And this is a fact.

I’ve always felt that meditation is something I would like to get into, something I would like to practise in a routine bases, but never done it till few years back when I was on a long flight and couldn’t sleep, which is very unlikely to me.

It was BA flight and they had on their entertainment screen something for “Sleep and Relaxation Hypnosis” it was the perfect timing to try. And it worked like a charm. I loved it and slept like never before.

Then, last year I was in Chicago and went to spiritual healer, wanting to try it and see what is it all about. She was kinda Zen master who try to bring inner peace and balance by meditation. She was playing same music at the background and guiding me into deep relaxation, it was a great session, very helpful session that I still do it from time to time when I’m alone.

I’m writing about this now, because I’ve downloaded an app called “digipill” very useful for those who like to take their time and treat themself. The app come’s with one free session and so many other paid sessions.

I’ve downloaded a few sessions and tried them over the weekend, and i’ve felt great and more focused. Those session varies in time, some are 13 min and some are 30 min depending on what you want, they are perfect session both in comfort voice and soothing music. Very well narrated to guide you to get into another world of your own thoughts.

There are many free sessions online and YouTube, but not as good as “digipill” and with “digipill” you can organize your sessions in lists and ready to play and easy to use.

The app is free, but as i mentioned it come with one free session (13 min long) titled t-break; prescription for relaxation, its used to embark upon an effortless journey of ever growing comfort towards a state of calm and replenishment.

You can listen to a sample session I found on YouTube for relaxation and sleep hypnosis. Enjoy !


This about fair to Justin Bieber. “SNL” make a funny Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads new ad.



Last week I’ve went with the family to SIK newest play Cinderella. Thought to go at the weekend, but when I checked for availability they were sold out Mashallah for all shows except on Wednesday. It was one of the easiest booking procedures I’ve done. and tickets prices was fair at KD 7.500 each

  1. You submit your ticket request.
  2. Follow the link to payment getaway.
  3. Charge your account and purchase the tickets.

Easy and simple..

At 7pm when to The English School at Samliya, struggled for parking but it was ok, as everything else was so organised, ushers guide you from the doors to theater. It was their first show, so they expected few glitches and then there was 🙁 ..  The sound was horrible,  I was barely hearing the characters.

The show started at 7:30 sharp which is rarely happens in Kuwait, for me I was over the moon, because the play was very British, but the kids and wife was a little bit lost, it was great show, we really enjoyed it although it was 160 minutes .

I know it suppose to be Cinderella play, but it was more than that, it was mixed of dancing and singing and a lot of good comedy and jokes for both kids and adults. Youtube Link !

Definitely I’m going back there again for future productions.

For more check:


Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.27.47 AM

Yesterday was one of the longest day of my life. I left home around 7:00am for work and as usual there are so much to do. Left at 4pm to do some chores then to Jumeirah Messilah Hotel for the celebration of UAE national day.

It was really crowded with many ambassadors and VIPs but sadly with little to do, there was few booths of UAE services and products and then there was the “Yolah” which was good to watch. I like how despite all the urbanization and sophistication UAE become they still clinch to their heritage and roots.

At the next door, Radisson Blu Hotel hosting the Swiss embassy dinner to celebrate Swiss national day – it suppose to take place in Ramadan but they postponed it. The Swiss event was cozier with small group playing live traditional tones. There I was Fortunate to meet the German ambassador and say hi.. It was a good event.

The place smells cheesy, good cheese smell and I was so eager to taste all that good-looking cheese, and they were really good, if I could overdose from cheese I would be dead now.

The the final act, I went to MUSC Kuwait match day meet up at Applebee’s. As usual you don’t want to miss out on match day with MUSC Kuwait guys they are die-hard fans with lot to share about the game, it was good midweek game as United won 2-1 vs Stock.

30 mintues after midnight I reach back home, it was almost 17 and half hour running around.


Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 1.24.20 AM I spend almost all my time at work around my computer. I really enjoy listening online to UK radio, it give me a huge moral boost, simply listening to accent and looking at sea view from my office remind me of my time at Blackpool.

Listening online wasn’t that practical, I always have to keep a browser open, and didn’t have much option other than bbc channels. So I looked for apps.

myTuner Radio, free or the paid App are the best I’ve tried and I tried like 10 apps already. What i like about myTuner Radio is it have 30,000 channels from 120 countries. It almost never buffering or interrupted streaming, and i’ve let it play for more than 8 continuous hours. It also give you an option to record what you’re listening to mp3 files.

myTuner Radio App is easy to use, doesn’t need app window to be open, it work at the background, and you can control it from menu bar.

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