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With every day the amount of data I use is getting bigger and bigger, from films to photos and music, it just too much to sync between all my devices and accommodate for safe keep.

Clouds like Apple and Google has been great to save my data and the likes of iTunes and Netflix are heavens when it comes to my entertainment.

But never thought about music. I still haven’t activated Apple Music free trial, to that extent, I never thought of streaming music, whenever I like a song I try to download it from youtube or other sites and I end up have a big load on my laptop and iPhone.

Just recently, I have been introduced to streaming music thanks to a “White Rabbit project” episode and Manchester United partnership with Deezer.

Now it’s much easier with Deezer, I can almost have all the music I own and more wherever I want without occupying any space on my devices.


Almost a week ago Amazon Video launched in 200 counties around the world and Kuwait is one of them.

Almost a year ago it was Netflix who went global and just like Netflix, Amazon Video is starting with limited materials, very limited material.

Comparing between Netflix and Amazon Video starting content, Netflix started with a great show Narcos but Amazon got nothing prime to kick start their global launch.

There are very very few shows and with only two star shows The Man in High castle and Seinfeld, and there are little more movies than shows. This is Kuwait region of course, and I think with time just like Netflix, Amazon Video gallery will grow bigger.

In terms of price, Amazon Video promotion offer is $2.99 + tax per month for the first 6 months then it will be $5.99 + tax per month, it is less than Netflix prices of $8, $10 and $12 per month. Also Amazon Video trial period (7 days) is much shorter than Netflix (30 days).

Interface and app integration for Amazon Video, for me it feels little outdated and looks tacky, it still works fine and you still can find their app for Smart TV and other platforms.

I don’t think I will renew my Amazon Video after my 7 days trial, I will wait few months before I subscribe again maybe by then their gallery grows more, because as it is now, it is very poor, I can watch all it content in the 7 days trial.


إبداع الشباب السعودي في اليوتيوب شي جبار – امثال مسامير ، خمبلة ، فليم يا غليم وغيرها حلقات ذهبية – عندهم نجوم أخراج وكُتاب حور وممثلين يسوون الوسط الفني الخليجي الحالي كله ، ابداعهم في وسط مفتوح خالي من الرقابه “بشكل ما” خلاهم يوَّصولون أفكارهم من غير أي تشويش الـ مصالح والواسطات والفلوس.

نزل الفنان الشاب “مشعل الجاسر” أمس فيديو على اليوتيوب وحط جم بوست على الانستغرام ولعب على عقليات الناس وحبها للفضايح وخلال أقل من ٢٤ ساعه وصل عدد مشاهدات الفيديو ربع مليون .. إنسى عنوان الفيديو الي يشد الى انك تشوفه ، الفيديو نفسه لما تشوفه تشوف عمل فني رائع، من تصوير واخراج يفوق تصوير واخراج آخر ٥ سنوات من مسلسلات الخليج الرمضانية. ابداع يا فليم


The scientific center for little over a two years has been dubbing and recording its own IMAX films audios and other recordings in their studio.

Just now they are open for general public bookings to rent and utilise the studio for education and edutainment. 

The scientific center studio is ideal for school teachers and students projects, also they are capable to record and master documentaries dubbing, it is well-equips studio so you can customise it to your need.

For booking and inquiries please contact or call 22240305

Special shoutout to Heba from for her great efforts to create TSCK studio artwork. is very creative and professional design team you can send them inquiries at


I’ll try to recap some of the songs I listen to on radio or in films and series soundtracks I’m watching with a little brief.

  1. KIOSK “Yarom Bia” – Never listened to “Yarom Bia” or any Iranian songs before, but not until I watched  The ending credit of “Maz Jobrani: Im not a terrorist, but i’ve played one on TV” on Netflix I’ve listened to like a 20 songs already. Very good song, I liked it.

2. Narcos – Tuyo by Rodrigo Amarante – You just can’t ignore Narcos theme song when season 2 is just released.

3. This guy’s in love with you – You can pick up so many from The Simpsons. In an episode where Smithers trying to come out and share his love with Mr. Burns. This song fits very well.


I’ll try to recap some of the songs I listen to on radio or in films and series soundtracks I’m watching with a little brief.

  1. Lily Collins- Mirror Mirror Soundtrack – I believe in love – Kids watching the film and start of the song was so catching and interesting not to mention the dancing 🙂 .. loved it , never seen the film though.
  2. Harry Styles & Selena Gomez – I hate you, I love you – Such a nice song, heard over and over on the radio.
  3. Fergie – M.I.L.F. $ – Was watching the Kardashian with the wife and there was Kim K under the shower as they were poring milk on her, and I was like what the F*%$ she is doing!!! I genuinely hate her. Few weeks later there she is featuring in Fergie song.
  4. Hozier – The Legend of Tarzan Soundtrack – Better Love – I was looking forward to see the film, but there is a rule if the film soundtrack is very good song then most likely the film will sucks. So i will enjoy the song for now and wait for the film to be shown on OSN.
  5. Sucker for Pain – Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons w/ Logic & Ty Dolla $ign ft X Ambassadors – Another film soundtrack, but this film have loads of good songs so above rule will not apply and I’ll see it soon at the cinema.

دامت عليج الافراح يا كويت


Credite to | مدونة الزيادي
Twitter: @AlziadiQ8 & @AlziadiQ8Blog

I’ve always been a tv guy,, but since i’ve been using Airbnb and staying at places that often don’t have tv and have radios I felt more relaxed in my stays and wanted to do the same at home.

I started listen to radio from my Mac and iPhone with myTuner Radio but still feel I want to do it more often at home especially when reading at home.

I looked for the perfect system for my radio chill, and I just don’t want to settle for something ok.

Lately Bose Kuwait was having sales, and checked their SOUNDTOUCH and was www; clear sound and very powerful. SOUND TOUCH 10 is a wireless music systems (wifi & Bluetooth) It also comes with 6 preset radio channels where you can chose from world wild digital radios including Kuwait (Marina and Sawa). Its easy to setup with Bose app.

I’ve been using it for two weeks and I’m having the best of chilled and relaxing time, reading books and listening to the best of Jazz is my new hobby now, sorry Netflix. 


نزلت شركة زين و البنك الوطني و كوالتي نت و غيرها خوش اغاني وطنية احتفالا بالاعياد الوطنية جمعتهم لكم في هذا البوست. دام الله الافراح و السرور على الكويت و اهلها ..

عمل زين الوطني ‫“‬يا بلادي‫”‬ 2016

المجد هنا – أوبريت إستاد جابر

إنتوا أمل الكويت

هنا بيان – أغنية كواليتي نت 2016

رايح الكويت ( إلى ديرتنا الغالية )

حسين الجسمي – سراي الأمة


Almost all ready station and tv are play Adela Hello, but I THINK and LIKE “Writing on the wall” much more. 😉

How do I live? How do I breathe? When you’re not here I’m suffocating ..

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