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Zain Gullit

صور صورة تجسد بها اللاعب الاسطورة “رود خوليت” بطريقتك المبدعة و ضعها على حسابك في الانستغرام و احصل على فرصة لمقابلة اللاعب شخصيا .

شروط المسابقة كما يلي: يجب استخدام الهاشتاق #ZainGullit للصورة المشاركة يجب ان تكون الصورة من تصويرك الشخصي يجب ان تكون متابع لحساب @zainkuwait و @mala3ibna.

تبدأ المسابقة اليوم ٢٢ يناير لغاية يوم ٢٧ يناير سيتم الاعلان عن الفائزين يوم ٢٨ يناير سوف يكون هناك 6 فائزين في نهاية المسابقة. سيتم اختيار 3 منهم عن طريق لجنة التحكيم و 3 عن طريق الـ Like



McDonald’s Kuwait is pleased to announce the a fun photography contest called “My McDonald’s” starting on Jan. 10. 2013 till Jan. 26. 2013.

The competition, that is open to all individuals in the State of Kuwait, and will be a platform to showcase their creativity and talent by using either their smartphones or digital cameras.  Participants will be asked to capture their best McDonald’s experience (a family picture at a restaurant, a sunset behind a store, their favorite meal etc.)



In order to be eligible for the smartphone contests users can:

– Submit up to 2 photos taken with their smartphone per week.

– Sumissions must take place on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to:

– They must submit the photo with their name, contact number, and type of camera they used in order to be eligible.

Once they have been submitted, all photos for that week will be posted on the McDonald’s Arabia Instagram page under the hashtag #mymcdonaldskw and in the album titled “My McDonald’s Kuwait” on the McDonald’s Arabia Facebook page.


– Voting will take place from Sunday to Tuesday of every week on McDonald’s Arabia Facebook page and Instagram


– 3 weekly winners with the most “Likes” (between both Facebook and Instagram) will be announced every Wednesday

– A Nikon D5200 DSLR cameras will be awarded to each weekly winner



– For digital camera users, each participant will have between Jan. 10 to Jan. 26 to submit their best 2 photos to

– At the end of the month a grand prize will be awarded to the top 3 photos.

– Judging panel will consist of prominent Kuwaiti photographers: Abdul Aziz Al Asousi, Majed Al Zaabi and Faisal Al Bisher.


The winners of these prizes will be announced at an awards ceremony on February 2nd 2013. Three photos will be chosen for a grand prize.

– 1st Place: 2000 KWD

– 2nd Place: 1000 KWD

– 3rd Place: 500 KWD

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