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cao colombia

I’ve been smoking a lot of cigar lately, maybe because of the weather or I enjoy it more than shesha..

On the other day, after festive night of burger at Steak n Shake opening, I went with friends to smoke cigar, and they had quite a collection to offer me and I’ve chosen CAO Colombia cigars.

It was ok cigar, nothing special, like any average Nicaraguan cigar but with really smooth draw. I was disappointed with it multinational blend of rare Columbian, Nicaraguan, and Cameroon tobaccos that it didn’t leave a great after-smoke taste. The CAO Colombia tasted a mellow range of flavors such as coffee and nuts with a slightly sweet undertone. It was good cigar that didn’t take too long to smoke, maybe 30 min to 45 min.

It was too light for me that I wanted to smoke another one.

Size: 5 x 50
Origin: Nicaraguan
Rate: 2.5/5



Few weeks back, had an email from Emirates reminding me to use my miles or will be expired. I used to have 19.500 miles but I needed at least 20,000 miles to flight to nearest destination Dubai and because I’m missing on 500 miles, I either needed to buy more miles or transfer miles from another membership, and the cheapest option was transferring miles from my Amex.

But that wasn’t all, after getting those miles I still need to pay taxes and fuel charges which come to 32Kd. It would have been cheaper and easier to fly on Jazeera or FlyDubai than to go thought all this with Emirates. I thought using miles will provide easier process and free flight,  but NO.

At Dubai, I’ve stayed in Jumeirah Emirates Towers. were one tower is the hotel and the other was a residential, offices and small mall. The hotel was 5 star hotel. Locations wasn’t that great, room service, tv channels, pool , lobby, restaurants are all good, but the best of all was the beds, they were the most comfortable I ever slept on, I don’t remember waking up so fresh.

Going to JBR is a must when the weather is so prefect at this time of year. But unfortunately I had a little accident in my way there. The traffic light was red and everybody is stopping and as soon as it got great the fella behind my decided to drive and hit me. It wasn’t a big a deal but I needed a report for the renting company.

I call 999 (Dubai police) and they’ve told me if it isn’t major accident then take some pictures and send it to Dubai police app and they will send us the report, but since I was leaving the next day I needed the report right away they say they will send a police car, but it took them more than an hour and a half to get someone to me, even thought there was one parking on the next street.

At the end, the police officer refused to give me a report because as he said it was a small accident. I wasn’t connived and had the renting company talking to the officer, and they have told him they require a report which he still refuse to give me. Instead he told me if the renting company make a big deal of it contact me at Barsha police station and I then submit a report.

Smoking at La Casa Del Habano at JBR. Smoking Cigar is a social thing, it’s not like Shesha and cigarette, so having those Cigar lounges give you a good experience. At La Casa Del Habano I’ve smoked San Cristóbal de La Habana La Punta and it was the first time I’ve tried it. Nothing special, for sure I had better cigars, but it was smooth with little flavor, even after smoking it, it didn’t leave much of taste. It took about 30 to 40 min to smoking it, from its size I thought I will be smoking little bit longer. ring gauge 52,  length 5.5, with woody taste.

Flighting back was probably the best of my weekend, I had a good time but still flighting back was probably the best of my weekend because two things, 1.Watching Man United vs Arsenal match on airplane and 2. Going back to Kuwait, for some reason I missed Kuwait a lot.

My flight was scheduled to takeoff from Dubai at 20:50 but due to delay it took off at 21:30 just on time with the match kickoff, knowing there is a news center and radio service on the plane ease off little tension I had for the game, Its Arsenal at the Emirates it was huge match united got to win this.

When I boarded the plane started looking for those radio channels, but never thought I would find tv channel broadcasting the game live.. I was over the moon.

The game was so horrible from United we almost lost 4-0 at first have if it wasn’t for great goalkeeping from De Gea, I was jumping up and down and cheering while almost everybody are sleep. Then we landed, but the game wasn’t finished 🙁 still 8 extra minutes to go ..We are 2-0 up, but Arsenal killing us with their attack, but we stuck up and hold it till the ref whistles. I was the last to leave the plane with a hug from stewardess.


Arturo Fuente

Cant remember when exactly I first smoked Arturo Fuente, but I think it was on 2010 after great steak meal at Grill Stone. I just went to next door cigar shop and asked for something good to smoke after a steak and he recommended Fuente Exquisitos,. That was the real step into cigar world. I was only puffing here and there cigar I used to buy from Sultan Center.

What I like most about Fuente Exquisitos, is its sweetness and flavor,  for a small cigar it really get you in the mood. With its medium-bodied, long filler cigar, handrolled inside a naturally sweet, dark Maduro wrapper, I don’t want to say it prefect, but it is really good cigar, at least for me.

It’s perfect to smoke with coffee or in short breaks, its such a flavorful smoke compared to it size.

  • Size:  4.5/33
  • Country of Origin: Dominican
  • Rating 4.9/5 ~ Such great treat. 
  • purchased form : Big Smoke

The first time I’ve smoked #LaDueña Robusto No.5 was after a long day studying for B120 final exam on 8 June 2014. It has a great load of smoke and smooth nice draw, as for its flavour it build up to strong as you reach to the end of it. With great mood afterward.

La Duena is comprised of a Nicaraguan binder and fillers and is wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf wapper. A true medium bodied smoke.

My rating 3.5/5 ..

Bigsmoke youtube review



The highlight of my trip to Chicago was “Up Down Cigar” although I’ve been to river cruise, comedy shows, museums, musicals, jazz clubs and baseball game, still “Up Down Cigar” was top of the list.

Maybe because of Chicago No Smoking law, smoking indoors, in a such cozy-talk-free-atmosphere cigar shop made the experience such a great one.

It is true in Chicago (and all USA) they don’t sell Cuban cigar but there are many great Nicaraguan and Dominican cigar you can smoke. “Up Down Cigar” definitely have the largest cigar selection with really hands-on experienced staff in Chicago.

If you’re ever a cigar smoker and happens to be in Chicago you should pass by.


Almost every week Big Smoke indulge us with a youtube video on how to treat your cigar. and this week Ali Allami talked on “how to maintain your humidor”.


One of the things i love about Big Smoke Cigar Kuwait is that they are very well-connected to cigar communities and they always trying to give their customer new experience and try new things.

I was lucky to try out some of Dr.Garo NEW cigar at Big Smoke Cigar Kuwait..

check out YouTube 🙂 .. I know, i know  i don’t look good on camera 🙁

Big Smoke
Phone: +965-25711020
Instagram: @Bigsmokekw
twitter: @BigSmokekw
facebook: Big Smoke Cigar Diaries kuwait


Another good video by Ali Allami from Big Smoke Kuwait, explain what is your Cigar type? and how you should smoke your cigar.



Another fine video by Big Smoke on how to cut and light your cigar.

Enjoy ..

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