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La Hoja Cigar lounge at Kuwaiti city, It sounds great, but I was is ok. I was expecting better.

In Kuwait when it comes to selling cigars there are to major players, Alsawani who is distributing Cuban Cigars and Big Smoke who is distributing non-cuban Cigars. Those two are more than enough to supply Kuwait with the cigars but they are controlling the prices in the lack of competitors and still are not providing smoking lounges.

Big Smoke have a great shop and very good smoking area. I’m not considering Big Smoke a cigar lounge simply because you can’t just come in smoke alone or with your friends without interfering with the owner, its more of the owner friends smoking lounge.

With the new no smoking law in Kuwait, there is more and more need for cigar lounges and places to smoke and it was great timing for La Hoja cigar lounge to open there place.

Its located in Kuwait City at Noof Tower ground floor, it have a coffee shop and cigar lounge. The place is only few blocks away from Alhamra tower.

La Hoja have sizeable members only lounge with about 20 leather seats. It’s the kind of lounge you can come in sit and have a proper cigar, alone or with friends or meet new friends. Non member are also welcomed to smoke for a fee of 5KD, it’s not much but still it’s not little, but I don’t mind to come alone from time to time to enjoy great smoke and listen to good music.

Since La Hoja have a coffee shop you can also have a meal and drinks. They have a lot of variety you can choose from. When I was there I was tempted to eat, but I was there to smoke.

For every cigars shop, the cigars collection is very important, and I found their cigars collections is very modest, Not much variety as they are focusing on regional cigars, They do have top brands, but I was expecting more.

Also there is something off about their decoration, I can’t pinpoint what, but it’s not classic nor modern. The place have a great potential and it will only get better as they are still on soft opening.

They have two membership plans, a Standard Membership and VIP Membership and they come at great value and added benefits.

If you are a cigar aficionado you got to check their place, you will enjoy your time.

You can follow them on Instagram at LaHojaKw


Casa Del Habano 18Seven

Last weekend i’ve been to Dubai, and since I was their went with the guys to La Casa Del Habano at JBR to smoke some cigars.

This ain’t my first time there, I’ve been there few months back and had cuban cigar and it was the usual.

This time I wanted something Nicaraguan and found that they only sell Cuban “Dah, its La Casa Del Habano, or cause they only sell Cuban”.

Anyway I picked Hoyo De Monterrey which is a very nice cigar, but not this one, it was blocked, can’t and won’t smoke, so I picked another cigar, I picked Trinidad, it was ok, but taste horrible.

We were 4 of us and everyone is smoking a different cigars, but none of us was satisfied with its, I’m not sure if their cigars gone bad or is it that we had a bad luck.

La Casa Del Habano, as a lounge and coffee shop is great, nice location and good coffee – sometimes – and very nice outside seating.



I just got back from Nicaragua, from Cigar Festival and have lots of cigars to try, and I started with CASA Magna.

I smoked it after a very long day at the office, started it at the car as I went to do some chores.

It has good firm shape, unique and very well made deep rich tobacco, but I was hoping that it tasted the same as it looks.

Almost, all first half was too much too sweet to smoke, its heavy on an empty stomach. It took me about an hour to finish, acutely I was happy to smoke it till the end, I simply didn’t enjoy it very much. But got to say it has excellent draw and even burn with a tight whitish gray ash.

The Domus Magnus II line uses all Nicaraguan tobacco from the wrapper to the binder to the filler. Like most of Quesada’s Casa Magna line, this cigar is made at the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua.

  • Trajan: 5 1/2 x 60
  • Rate 1/5


This summer I’ve been to Germany and i was in Koln were I know a cigar shop and thought to buy a cigar this time because usually I just pass by it.

The guys who works there doesn’t speak any english and I think he’s not understanding me stay names of cigars, so I went to the humidor and picked SERIE D No.6 to try.

A day later, I was sitting on a coffee shop and start smoking it. It felt a bit dry and not so fresh, and as barely started it, it felt strong and heavy.

Little more than 5 min into smoking the SERIE D No.6 it tastes better but the people around me felt uncomfort out it smell and true it was smelling funny.

I wasn’t enjoying the smoke, it was too weird which I didn’t continue smoking it.  I remember having a Hoyo smoke in London few years back. Maybe the European cigars are just not kept or reserved well.

I have to give SERIE D No.6 another go before I judge it.

  • Cigar Partagas SERIE D No.6
  • Origin: Cuba
  • Size : 50x 3.5
  • Rate: 2/5


Last weekend I was staying at Safir Marina hotel, and since I don’t go there that much I thought to try Cohiba Lounge at Marian Crescent. I’ve passed by the shop a couple of times but never been inside or checked their cigar.

They only sell top Cuban brands, I think it’s ok for new smokers, but for me it felt they had the smallest cigars collection I could found in a cigar lounge.

I bought “Punch Petit Coronations” as I didn’t smoke it before for almost 2.5KD. I thought it was little overpriced. I was asking the salesman what are the differents between their cigars and he was not an expert at all, in fact he don’t know much about cigars which is very poor to have in a cigar lounge.

The place was almost empty with only me and one other guy sitting to smoke, they were playing nice music but the place didn’t feel like a lounge, it felt like a cafe.

The Punch was good, actually very good, well reserved and smelled fresh. It took me up to 45 min to smoke it with a cup of expresso and glass of water. It was medium flavoured with its Nutty, woody and slightly spicy flavours and i would rate it 3/5.

Overall experience of Cohiba Lounge in Marian Crescent Kuwait was ok, but I wouldn’t think of it as a lounge, it would be good to buy some cuban cigar but not fancy smoking it there.



Note to self!! Never take cigar again.

Almost in all Europe and America I can’t smoke at pubic places, and if I to smoke in a cigar lounges, I got to buy their cigar or pay to smoke my own cigar. So it is best that i don’t hustle and carry my cigar ever again..

Ive been to LA in my last trip and tryed 3 different cigar lounges “V Cut”, “The Backroom” and “The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge”.

Ive been in LA for few days and hadnt smoked a thing. Based on foursqure listening i found “V Cut”, it was one top lounge at 8172 Melrose Ave, LA 90046, an open shop,  very cozy with few numbers of tables and couches, very Californian, simply the way LA’s roll. V Cut don’t serve food or drinks, maybe they have soft drinks. They got a great collection, some of the best cigars and I really enjoyed smoking my A. Fuente Hemingway .

Two days later I’ve been to this great vegan restaurant with couple of Airbnb friends and had a quite a meal then decided to head to “The Back Room” lounge. It wasn’t a cigar lounge pre se, it was more of hangout spot to smoke and drink, due the California law it is illegal to smoke at close places and restaurants, but it was ok not the best of places but they do serve at least hot and cold drinks as well as shesha.. I did smoke “Padron 1964 Anniversary Series”. Again, it is good place to hangout but as good to smoke a cigar.

This is was my last day in LA, I was just finished walking Santa Monica the Third Street Promenade, it was such a good outdoors shopping area with a lot of restaurants and coffee shops and wasn’t sure where to go next? Should I , A) Go to Venice beach and enjoy a good dinner. or B) Head to smoke a fine cigar in one of alleged best lounges in LA. I went with option B.

The Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge on 11950 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90025, was certainly the biggest cigar’s shop i’ve seen, they have a 10 meters long humidor room with all kind of cigar brands. After I choose my cigar A. Fuente Rosado Magnum to smoke, they told me it is a members only cigar lounge. But with a little persuasion and knowing I’m came from far away “Kuwait” he let me in, but not without signing 3 pages member application.

The salesman made sure that I know there will be smoke coming for the lounge, and i told him sure there will be smoke, but why you are telling me that? he told me that one time a man tried to sue them because hey didn’t warn him that there will be smoke in the room. 🙂 ..
The lounge is big and roomy, it got all leather couches and cigar magazines, huge TV screens as well as big card playing table, even in the toilets they have an ashtrays,, how awesome is that 🙂 .. 
Its a great lounge, real genuine cigar lounge, like something you will only see in movies. It is privet were everybody knows everybody, but since I’m not the social type so I felt little like an outsider and couldn’t break into their conversations, maybe someone is more social would blend in better.
Between them all I still like an open for public kinda lounges such as the “V Cut”.
For more website and twitter – @VcutCigarLounge ,
~ VCut Pictures from cigaropolis 

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 3.36.19 PM

دخنت #FlorDeLasAntillas قبل جم يوم و ماكنت ذاكر اني مدخنه من قبل. بما ان الجو كان حلو طلعت مع زوجتي نشرب قهوه في مجمع الفنار .. يوم ييت اكتب عنه بدفتري ولا اشوف اني مدخنه برمضان السنه الي طافت و كان ثاني سيغار ادخنه في شهر الصيام.

دخنته في تجمع السيغار الي نظمة عبدالعزيز العتيقي بـ فندق شيراتون في English Lounge .. يومها مارضوا يدخلوني لاني ياي بشورت و فنيلة ، و الاخوان في الـ English Lounge طلع عندهم dress code و شغل رسميات بس بالاخير رفقوا بحالي و دخلت على اساس اني ما ادري و هالمره سماح.

حزتها كنت رايح مع صلاح بهبهاني و عبدالله المريخي و التقينا مع باجي الشباب بالتجمع و ماكان عددنا  كبير ، كنا ٧ تقريبا. و اشوه ان ما كنا اكثر من الـ ٧ لان كل شوي شابين بخور و مبخرين اللاونج .. چنهم يقولون تر حكرتونا.

طولنا بالقعده فوق الساعتين بس سيغاري خلص بعد اساعه و ربع تقريبا .. ساعه و ربع من الدخان الطيب بس حزتها كنت ابي ادخن سيغار ثاني ، حسيت انها ما قندت راسي.

نرجع للسيغار .. Flor De Las Antillas خفيف لطيف سحبته حلوه بس مافيه ذاك الدخان ، طعمه معتدل مو حاچم و مو ذاك القوه الي تحس فيه لا وقت ما تدخنها ولا بعد ما تدخنها ، مع انها سيغار بتبغ نيكاراغوي و المفروض تكون full flavor ناهيك عن brown Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper للسيغار الا انها مافيها ذاك الطعم الي يمسك ، لكن بكل مراحل تدخين السيغار راح تحس بطعم خفيف لخليط من نكهات الكاكاو والفلفل والأرز الحلو (sweet cedar). طفو السيغار يبر و ثقيل ، يعني تقدر تدخن السيغار كلها من غير ما تِـتَـتِـنها.

معنى Flor De Las Antillas هو “زهرة من جزر الأنتيل ” التي ترمز الى كوبا، وهي أكبر جزيرة في جزر الأنتيل وهي موطن لإرث عائلة غارسيا المشهوره في صنع السيغار.

تقييمي لها يوم ذخنتها بالتجمع كان ٣/٥ بس لما دخنته مره ثانيه قبل جم يوم مع زوحتي حسيتها ما تستاهل اكثر من ٢/٥ .. النوع نيكاراغوي – حجم ريبستو – قياس ٥٠/٥



This cigar has been my first in many things, It’s been the first cigar I’ve smoked in 2015 ; right after family new year party,  the first cigar i’ve light at home, and first Perdomo estate seleccion vintage i’ve smoked.

But I smoked a Perdomo before.

As I remember I didn’t smoke at all that day and I was desperate for some puffs. I usually smoke Hookah/Shisha at home but that night I was dry and didn’t have any tobacco so I’ve smoked the alternative while I was playing Evil With In.

It was a good cigar compared to previous Perdomo that I’ve smoked, and it has to be, since they brand it as Perdomo’s second best ever cigars. It have a strong spicy flavor, the nice kind of flavor. It didn’t leave an aftertaste like other Nicaraguan cigars which if fine with me. The Perdomo Estate Vintage Natural combines aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan filler tobaccos with a flawless, hand-selected Connecticut shade wrapper. This mellow, slow-burning smoke exudes flavor notes of coffee bean, cedar, nuts, and cream.

The Estate Selección Vintage loaded with rich smoke as I kept smoking it for almost a 75 min, which is very good for an epicure size.

Size: EPICURE 6 x 50
Binder: Nicaraguan
Strength:  Mild – Medium
Rating: 3/5



I’ve smoked couple of cigars during MUSC KUWAIT meet-ups and thought to try something new for West Ham match on 27 Sept 2014 and since I was at the avenues I’ve went to Cigar Corner next to Carrefour and bought Davidoff Special R Cigar, they didn’t have much of a collection. But some reason I didn’t smoke it at that game, so i saved it for later.

Almost a month later at Chelsea game on 26 Oct 2014 I decided it’s time:, let’s make this day special just like cigar name.. Well it was special day to United we’ve scored the eaqoliser at 94min, good day.

Back to Davidoff Special R, its not that special expect its price very high, sold for 6.700kd. It has ok draw, good puffs and lot of smoke, but not a whole lot of flavor, there is little bit of earthly flavor though. Davidoff Special R is a Robusto.

6 hours later, The special R Is leaving a great teats, I think that was the best about it.

Size:  4.8/50.
Country of Origin: Dominican
Rating 2/5
purchased form: Cigar Corner



Another day another cigar, this time I’m trying Perdomo Lot 23, it’s Nicaraguan and  I got it from a friend.

I cant’s say I like it too much, as there wasn’t much smoke but had nice smell and very good taste with a nice hint of espresso and nuts flavor. That was what I liked most, it was enjoyable to smoke.

I had it outdoors at Starbucks when I was waiting for my daughter to get ff school, I smoked around third of it in 30min and had to continue the rest of the cigar later that night. Although I smoked it 7 hours later, It kept it flavor, in fact I enjoyed it better at night.

The Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto cigar has a medium flavored blend. The wrapper is a caramel-brown Connecticut-seed and The fillers, is rich blend of dark Nicaraguan tobaccos bound by a robust Nicaraguan binder.

Size: 5 x 50
Rate: 2/5
Origin: Nicaraguan

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